Report from the conference

It was the ninth edition of the INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE FOR HOUSEHOLD INDUSTRY (4th June 2019). The event was organized by the EPS Media (publisher of the magazine "C&B. Cosmetics & Household Chemicals Market"). The conference brought together more than 170 participants representing nearly 100 companies and organizations from all over the Europe and the USA.

Participants listened to sixteen presentations (each presentation lasted 20 minutes). They concerned both legal changes as well as product and technological innovations encountered in the detergent industry. One of the panels concerned solutions and proposals of the science sector for the detergent industry. The Warsaw meeting was a great opportunity to make new business contacts, exchange experiences and learn about trends within the sector.

The organizers were supported by Sponsors: PCC Exol as a Strategic Sponsor. CHT Germany GmbH Sp. z o.o., DACHSER Sp. z o.o. and Emerald Kalama Chemical, LLC – all of them were Sponsors. Patronage over the conference took the Euromonitor International; Polish Association of Cosmetic and Detergent Industry. Media cooperation of the event: and magazines "Przemysł Chemiczny" and "Ważenie, Dozowanie, Pakowanie”.

There was a possibility to talk with representatives of companies present at company stands: CHT Germany GmbH Sp. z o.o. Representation in Poland, DACHSER Sp. z o.o., Emerald Kalama Chemical, PCC Exol SA and the College of Engineering and Health in Warsaw.

As usual, participants filled out an anonymous questionaire on the level of the conference organization and presented lectures. Assessment can be made on a scale 1-6 (note the higher the better). 94% of the respondents issued the rating 5 and 6 in relation to the organizational level. 94% participants felt that the conference in terms of the level of substantive assessment deserved 5 and 6 (in 2018 it was 73% of participants). This year's edition has received the highest marks in history!

In the participants' opinion, the greatest strengths of the event are the extensive knowledge and experience of the speakers on legislative issues and legislation, as well as the practical use of raw materials in formulations. Many people have paid attention to very current presentations based on "eco" issues. An interesting idea was also topics from the world of science.

The next edition of the conference is planned for June 2, 2020.